How to Build Your Escape Room Winning Team

Escape rooms are group games that require all the ingredients of excellent gamesmanship in order to succeed with the ultimate goal of breaking out by performing all tasks before the lapse of the regulatory time. A game of two to ten players, every member of the team should contribute his fair share to be able to hurdle all obstacles in your escape. Just like in any group game, you should work on the following areas to come up with the winning formula.

Group Dynamics

game planEvery group member is important. Each player has a role to play, and he should play it well. Interaction among all the players is crucial. Withholding relevant information you gained from your observations will not help your cause. You may not know it, but what you think as the least likely useful suggestion would turn out to be the best solution in the end.

Discussions should be free-flowing, and everyone should be heard. Nobody should come into the room as a self-appointed dictator.

Time Consciousness

All team members should be in the vicinity for at least 30 minutes before call time. This will help you to get acquainted with your group, and it will allow you to rest for a while.

With your team having to work to unravel all mysteries for a certain period of time, all your actions are time bound. Do not allow yourselves to get stuck in the middle of some puzzles. Ask the game master for clues when you need to. Do not spend much time discussing options. This is probably one of the few times where you are advised to talk a lot while your hands are busy.

Grace Under Pressure

Because this game involves mental acuity, staying focused on the task at hand is very critical. Do not allow pressure to creep in or you will get more confused. If it seems like you can never figure out any solution to the task you are doing, interchanging tasks with another might work. Asking for help will not make you a lesser group member. Do so, so you will be able to move to another level.

Respect for Rules

Team members should follow game rules, or the team may lose some precious time paying the consequences of not complying with some instructions. Keep an eye on labels which would require you not to touch some things in the room. Doing otherwise may lead you to scenarios that are not contributory to your cause. They will only give you more confusion.

For general rules and other game mechanics, you can click on

Game Objectives

While meeting with your teammates before your call time, setting your objectives is essential. Of course, coming out victorious over all the challenges is the primary goal but should not supersede all potential benefits that the game can bestow. The experience of working with a team, participating, and contributing to the fulfillment of your goal is far more important in the long run while not forgetting to have all the fun.…

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Qualities of a Good Piano Player

So you have a big day ahead of you, and you feel that you need the best pianist on planet earth to entertain your guests? Well, if that is the case, a pianist is a good idea. However, you need to understand that not every pianist that you see out there is capable of giving your wedding day the music that you dream of. Therefore, when looking to hire a pianist, you should always make sure that you do your homework right. Here are the qualities associated with a great Pianist for hire.

Good Experience

pianistThe many years that the pianist has been in the industry, the higher the chances of them giving you the quality services that you seek. So if you want to hire a musician who will entertain your guests to the maximum, then you should go to a musician who has been in the industry for a long time. This, however, does not mean that there are no new pianists who can do a good job. They are there, but for you to identify them, you will need to do an extensive research.

Good Communication Skills

Communication is a good ingredient when it comes to the success of any event. You need to be constantly communicating with those people who will be responsible for the success of your event. So you need to make sure that the pianist that you are about to hire can communicate with you effectively.


For one to be a remarkable pianist, constant practice is very necessary. Playing piano is never simple like some people may want to think. The skills need to be nurtured and practiced regularly. Someone who is not diligent and claims to be pros in piano playing could be lying to you. You can understand more about a pianist by talking to the people who are close to them.

Cost Effective

piano recordingA good pianist will never overcharge you for the services that they are about to offer to you. They seem to understand that you are also their client and need to be treated with love. The problem with many people is that they would prefer to hire those pianists who are very expensive. They believe that those are the people who have the capacity to give their big day a bigger effect. However, that is not close to the truth. Some people price themselves highly to capture the attention of such people. So you should always look beyond the pricing.…

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Different Types of Keynote Speakers

A keynote speaker is purposely required to create the stage of the reminder of an event and bring people together for the same purpose. The best keynote speaker is thought to upbeat effects if his or her audience for the entire conference and even if it has ended. For the speaker to have the ability to hold attention, stimulate thought, motivate, entertain and inspire a general audience, he requires a unique combination of information, personality, authentication and presentation skills. We have different types of keynote speakers.

Motivational speakers

iouytrdfcvhbjklThese are the most common styles of presenter used for keynote speaking. They usually have some notoriety for accomplishment in a field such as creating a reputable business, beating the odds one way or another or being a recognized author. They are the kinds of, get-up-and-go speakers who get your group enthused about your company while providing a message that is useful and thoughtful. These types of speakers have information that can have an impact and leave an impression that will last for months or even for years.

Inspirational speakers

These are kinds of speakers that tell a story about themselves or examples of other people’s stories which can inspire the audience towards higher goals and accomplishments. These speakers may have succeeded in life despite the challenges they have faced against their great odds.

Educational speakers

These are the type of speakers who talk on specific subjects in an education, informative, exciting and often entertaining manner. The speakers can present any of the topics in a seminar or a workshop where a specific group is informed with Important information concerning a particular idea of their interest.

Celebrity speakers

These are speakers who usually talk about their specialties to the audiences with specific information. These speakers are typically well-known personality from the world of politics, professional sports, famous and successful businesses, the media entertainment, or the arts. Most of the celebrities are invited to speak because of the name value. This is because they add clout, glamour, and interest to a meeting.

The customizer

lokujythgfcvbnmThese are the very rare category of keynote speakers, but it is the ultimate. They find out what you want form your conference or sales meeting then they will craft a speech solely for that intention. In their speech, they will always illustrate ideas with examples but also aim at the primary objective of the speech. These therefore, are just some of the types of keynote speakers you are required to know.…

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room escape

Contemporary Artists Who Have Asian Roots in Their Works

Contemporary arts are captivating in their unique ways. Photographs, performance, sculpture, installation, painting, and videos are well-known media chosen by contemporary artists. If the definition of what it means by ‘contemporary’ is broad, one characteristic for sure is that the term refers to the ‘non-restrictive’ and fluid nature of aesthetic.

There are many ways to categorize the genres of contemporary art, and one of the ways is by the regions where an artistic movement flourishes. Even when the world has perhaps been driven by global capitalistic values, some artists have been forcing their ways through with their revisited traditional aesthetic values.

Here we are going to discuss notable contemporary artists who season their works with Asian originated beauty.

Erbossyn Meldibekov

ErbossynHis works focus on exploiting the realism of photography and turning it to depict mundane stereotypical objects into art objects that invoke inquisitive minds to seek for ideas and meanings. Coming from Central Asia, the artist brings out tropes such as native animals & scenery, and traditional dress code, and mold them into becoming an original art.

Plates, created in 2009, depicts a camel with a rocket on its saddle, and it takes ceramic as the artistic medium.

Yayoi Kusama

YayoiYayoi Kusama works will take you to the universe of dotted entities. She started her artistic journey from the 1960s by participating in New York pop-art movement.

Her notable works are Dots Obsession (2003), Repetitive Vision (1996) and the Obliteration Room (2011). Although Kusama’s arts have no clear Asian tone, her authenticity has surpassed the need of the convention, and her dotted worlds are mesmerizing.

Shizuko Greenblatt

Greenblatt grew up with samurai upbringing. Her attitude toward traditional ways of art is strong, yet she embraces avant-garde ideas through her art. You can check her Sogetsu school ikebana style. It is the art of ikebana arrangement with materials other than flowers.

I Nyoman Masriadi

sothebyComing from Indonesia, South East Asia, Masriadi’s work once was sold for around 1 million USD at Sotheby’s Hong Kong. The political and social themes are prevalent to find in his art, and they have made him stand above the other South East Asian artists.

Masriadi often criticizes the authoritarian figure through his captivating visual art. His painting method exploits the light and shadow to make the painted figure appears more like a sculpture than a two-dimensional entity. The depicted narration is often comical and satirical to the popular political stand among Indonesian.




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Planning on a Successful Event

Throwing a successful party can be quite hard, as there’s a lot to plan to start from the food, entertainment, venue and many more. Besides the planning, there’s also the party cost that sometimes might go over the budget that you have planned before, and if you’re not rich, this can be a problem as well. But do not worry, in this article we have listed several tips on how to plan a successful party, be it a birthday party or a dinner event, make sure to read this article to find out more on how to prepare effectively and efficiently.

Hire a comedian

In the old day’s people like to hire clowns for the party, but nowadays kids hate them as they can be quite scary for them. So why not hire a comedian? They can make the whole room laugh, and you can always choose the kind of comedian that you want, perhaps you like satire comedians, you can always request of specific humor. And to make things better, a clown is usually only fun for the first half an hour, but a comedian can occupy your guest for an hour or two for the same cost of a clown, so consider hiring a comedian. Clean Comedians are one of the places where you can hire a comedian, make sure you check it out.

Sending out e-invites

Most of the cost of parties usually on making invites, but consider using e-invites instead, as it uses no paper at all which means it’s eco-friendly, and you don’t have to go through all the trouble of sending the invites to your friends. Consider hiring a designer or asking for a friend to design a simple e-invite, or even better, create your e-invite to cut down on any unnecessary cost.

Stick to a simpler menu

Another one of the things that will cost a lot on your budget is food, especially if you’re planning to throw the party on a restaurant. Our tip on making it more cheaper is to stick to two foods and two drinks options. For example, meat and a vegetarian option, and a sweet drink or an alcoholic beverage, usually this will be a lot cheaper compared to getting so many menu options.

Cut down on the guest list

limit on how many people a guest can bring; this will cut down unnecessary guest on your party such as bringing kids to a class reunion party or bringing more people just for the free food.…

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Organizing Prom Without Event Organizer

Most high school student bodies will opt for hiring an event organizer to prepare their prom to save the time and effort, but this can be costly. Organizing prom night without an event organizer is actually not as hard as it may seem. As long as the basic party planning details are sorted out, the perfect prom night can be executed without the help of an event organizer. Here are a few things you need to do first to make that happen.


Build a team

The student body usually deals with prom, but they also deal with other school events and affairs. It is best to make a specific team to organize the prom night, this way the team will be more focused and will work more efficiently. The team should have a leader, and then someone to deal with financing, consumption, location, and entertainment. There should also be someone to handle the students and how to publish it to them, and security during the event. Make sure that everyone on the team has their own specific tasks, and have weekly to daily meetings to discuss the progress.


The funding for prom is usually gained from bake sales or any fund raising event, or a large piggy bank put in the middle of the school for everyone to chip in. Based on these, you need to do research and develop a specific budget for the prom. This will determine what you can and can’t provide during the prom night, and what people will expect for prom.


In the movies, you’d see that a lot of proms or dances are held in the school’s gym. This is the most cost-efficient solution for prom night. However, a lot of students tend to want to get fancier and have prom at a hotel ballroom instead. They often like the idea of being able to get ready in the hotel and having a sleepover after prom. Hotel ballrooms can be costly, but it is a great place to have prom night. Make sure you do research on possible locations and the fees that their charge for events like prom.


A prom night is nothing without its entertainment. A DJ is almost a must since a prom usually involves dancing, both fun and slow romantic dancing. Other entertainments can be added, such as singing and dancing performances. To commemorate the night, there are usually photobooths available.…

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benefits of reading

Top Benefits of Reading you should Know

Although reading is an important aspect of life, a lot of people have given it a wide berth. Unfortunately, the culture is entrenched such that individuals believe that the right place to hide something good is in a book or DTLA art. In fact, reading books is a good habit if people would appreciate the various benefits it has. Thus, reading should be inculcated from a young age. They ought to understand that reading is quite important and take up the habit quite early. The following are some benefits of reading you should know:

Build great vocabularies

build vocabularies through readingThe effective way of building vocabulary is by reading and also amassing a lot of knowledge as much as you can. Building the vocabularies of adults and children can be achieved easily by developing a culture of reading. You can easily understand how different vocabularies are used in sentences. In so doing, you will amass a lot of knowledge.

Improves your spelling

The good thing about reading is that it can help solve your spelling problems. This is because reading makes you know how to spell a wide range of words and how they are used. Thus, if you are bogged by the spelling of particular words, then you should read widely. In this way, you can have a good understanding of different words and how they are spelled correctly.

Help keep the mind sharp and fresh

This is another important benefit of reading. You can amass a lot of knowledge and know the current information and news. Thus, reading helps keep your mind sharp and fresh. It is a great way of understanding and grasping different concepts, which concern various fields.

Useful learning tool

reading helps us learnThere is a popular saying “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” This is very true in all aspects, and this explains why every person should develop a culture of reading. You should note that reading serves to impart knowledge which you never knew. Thus, it is a good way of staying updated and learning.

Great relaxer and stress reliever

In fact, reading is an amazing way of relaxing and relieving stress during your leisure and spare time. It can help you forget about what is going on in your life and just relax as you fully immense into acquiring knowledge.

Strengthens bonds with others

It is a good idea to set up a book club where you can read with your colleagues and friends. This is an amazing way of having a good time.…

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mixing mastering

Beginner’s Guide to Mixing and Mastering Music

Music is just what the world needs right now to overcome its challenges. Not just any music but one that has been professionally put together. Sometimes we listen to our favorite songs but have no idea about the input. So much happens in the recording studios that most of us are not aware of. It takes interest as well as a passion for making music sound so melodious to the listeners’ ears. Not to worry, we shall demystify all that goes on for a song to become an instant hit.

Know your instruments

Let’s face it; there is no music without proper instruments. They have to be well coordinated for it to come out perfectly. While some have taken a few hours to master and mix music, others have been at it their whole lives.

What lingers in the minds of the music producers is perfection. They would want for nothing more than their productions to touch hearts and impact people’s lives positively. It all boils down to how well the instruments have been played and mustered.

The science of mixing and mastering

Mixing sound for it to come out more professionally done is a reserve of the pros. Anyone can do this provided they are effectively guided. There is so much to learn and grasp including the fact that these two components are important. Even better, they are vital. Without basic knowledge of them, your venture might be headed south. Experts advise on the importance of getting your facts right first.

It’s all about the techniques used

music mixingIt’s imperative to put in mind that not everyone uses the same techniques. Everyone comes up with their techniques to ensure that mixing mastering becomes a huge success.

For example, mixing involves the use of audio that already exists. This means you have to be excellent in your choice of audios for a perfect mixing adventure. It’s also not a bad idea to do some listening. Pick some of the best audio productions to listen to. This move will greatly influence the outcome of your musical pursuit.

The mix master

In every industry, there has to be a teacher and a pupil. Even in this exciting topic of music mixing and mastering, there has to be some serious tutelage involved.

Find a guru that seems to have made it big in this sector and learn a thing or two from them. Before you know it, you are one of them. Walking in a shadow that will influence your walk-in music is a step that is bound to enhance perfection.

Check your attitude

There is no way you will learn something when your interest is directed elsewhere. Developing a keen interest in the mixing and mastering of music will take you places. All the more reason to check the kind of attitude you are displaying in this newfound musical venture. It might take time, but eventually, the notes will stick to you like glue.

What’s more, reading other people’s success stories in the field you are interested in will boost your passion. If it happened to them, it would happen to you in the fullness of time.…

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Christmas family holiday ideas

Christmas tradition unites family members. Relatives from abroad may come to visit, and nostalgic conversation will be all around the dining table. During such a precious time, why not planning more activities?

Winter sports


Skiing or snowboarding with family can be an unforgettable experience. Especially if there is a relative who can’t do the sport.
There are ski resorts that offer learning package, or maybe one expert of the sport within the family can teach the rest.

Buy the equipment together, or maybe if you are the one who initiates the idea, try to give the skiing equipment as a present. Then pick snowfields that are easy to handle for beginners. North America’s Snowmass can be an option. Or if you want to spend the Christmas holiday in Europe here are some good places: Avoriaz in France, Passo Tonale in Italy, or Myrkdalen in Norway.

Going to performances

There are operas, theaters, and musicals during Christmas, and visiting those shows may give a good family time. Kids can learn about art and culture, while the adults can attend to the spirit of Christmas or just enjoying the shows as entertainment. Or if you want to focus with the younglings, Disney World and Universal Resort are offering similar entertainment during Christmas.

Going to retreats


Christmas traffic may be discouraging. If you do not want to face jammed traffic or long queuing, and want to have peaceful family time, renting family lodge or cottage is the solution. This alternative also can be a good idea if all of your relatives live far away from each other. Choose a meeting point that is fair for everyone.

It can be better if the cottage can offer family activities, like preparing woods for the fireplace. Split the chores evenly and nurture the family bond by working together for the lodge. Also, cook the meals together.

Going to retreats can reduce stress and addiction on technology. Living in cities for years, and having to carry laptops or phones during weekdays, a moment spent in a lodge or cottage in the mountain can give you and your family a new life.

Vacation to the tropics

If you get bored with winter, you can plan a family trip to tropical countries. Central America or Asia can be an option. Caribbean islands can offer you sandy Christmas instead of the snowy one. Areas like Barbados or Puerto Rice are popular places for the holiday. In Asia spending Christmas holiday in the Philippines is the best idea. Christmas’ joy and spirit even start earlier there, from September!…

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Choosing the best photography school

Have you always dreamed of becoming a photographer? For your career to take the right direction start by enrolling in a reputable photography school. Here, you will get the needed exposure and knowledge to photography. In addition to that, you will be awarded a certificate of qualification. In a photography school, you will learn and get knowledge from experienced professionals. Such knowledge is rare. But how does one select a photography school? Read on for tips.

How to choose a photography school


Depending on your goals, you need to determine how long your program takes. Some programs run for a year whiles others are done in a matter of weeks. If you are already a professional, you only need to attend class to improve skills and knowledge on particular topics. Some schools offer the highly accessible course, and you will not be required to commit for long. If you are aiming at getting a certificate, you need to join a longer program.


How much are you able and willing to pay for the photography training? Mostly costs are based on the type of program you take and duration. The school you choose matters too. If you are lucky enough, you can land a scholarship. People associate high costs with quality, however, it is not always true that the most expensive school offer the best training. Research and compare what different schools have to offer. Try talking to other students for information about the services offered.

What is your area of interest?

This is what is referred to as niche. As a professional, you must have a specific area of interest. Train in that area and become an expert in it. Excelling in an area of specialization is easy. It is, however, a challenge for some people to choose their area of interest. Consider what you enjoy doing as you decide the niche to take. It will be difficult excelling in niches you do not love. Among the popular niches in photography include,
Stock photography
Family and children
Fine art
These are just a few niches; you can research for more. All the above factors must be considered in the selection of a photography school. Remember that people are different, what you see your friend excelling might not be your thing. It all narrows down to your interests and goals.




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Mistakes to avoid when getting body piercings

Everyone is wearing body jewelry and piercing their body today; it is fashion. Many people want to get piercings but are concerned about the negative side effects. It is fashion today, but it has been happening since time in immemorial. Piercings in the ear, navel, and nose are common. People have practiced for a long time now. Recently the list has grown to the tongue and other private parts. Many young people want to get body piercings, but they are not aware of the possible side effects. Infections and other negative side effects from piercings come as a result of improper care before and after the piercing. Getting the piercings from an inexperienced artist or the use of wrong tools is another possible cause of infections. To get an uncomplicated piercing, proper precautions must be taken. Below are some mistakes to avoid when getting body piercings.

Mistakes to avoid when getting body piercings

Contact an amateur

Seeing people walk by the beach or in a foreign land with piercings all over makes you want to get yours. What you do not know is that it is a risk. Have you asked yourself if the piercings are worth the risk? Piercing the body is an art. It should be done by an individual with the experience and confidence in their work. If the piercings are not done correctly, you risk infections, HIV, nerve disorders, hepatitis, and tetanus. A good piercer knows the body anatomy, the advantages, and disadvantages of getting piercings in different parts of the body and will give you proper hygiene advice. They will warn you against piercing body parts if it is dangerous to your health.

Using any jewelry

Do not buy jewelry because it looks beautiful and it is cheap. All jewelry types are not safe. You should select the piercings with care. The jewelry you use on the pierced part should be made of high-quality material like acrylic, titanium, surgical steel and much more. Different bodies react differently to piercings, choose the one which is suitable for you.

Avoiding proper aftercare

It is not over after you get pierced. You must take proper care of the pierced part for it to heal. Proper care will include, cleaning, the right medication, proper diet and protecting the wound from possible infections.

Alcohol consumption

Alcohol consumption before undergoing a piercing can result in excess bleeding. If you are under medication at the moment, consult with your doctor first. They will advise for or against the procedure.



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