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Contemporary Artists Who Have Asian Roots in Their Works

Contemporary arts are captivating in their unique ways. Photographs, performance, sculpture, installation, painting, and videos are well-known media chosen by contemporary artists. If the definition of what it means by ‘contemporary’ is broad, one characteristic for sure is that the term refers to the ‘non-restrictive’ and fluid nature of aesthetic.

There are many ways to categorize the genres of contemporary art, and one of the ways is by the regions where an artistic movement flourishes. Even when the world has perhaps been driven by global capitalistic values, some artists have been forcing their ways through with their revisited traditional aesthetic values.

Here we are going to discuss notable contemporary artists who season their works with Asian originated beauty.

Erbossyn Meldibekov

ErbossynHis works focus on exploiting the realism of photography and turning it to depict mundane stereotypical objects into art objects that invoke inquisitive minds to seek for ideas and meanings. Coming from Central Asia, the artist brings out tropes such as native animals & scenery, and traditional dress code, and mold them into becoming an original art.

Plates, created in 2009, depicts a camel with a rocket on its saddle, and it takes ceramic as the artistic medium.

Yayoi Kusama

YayoiYayoi Kusama works will take you to the universe of dotted entities. She started her artistic journey from the 1960s by participating in New York pop-art movement.

Her notable works are Dots Obsession (2003), Repetitive Vision (1996) and the Obliteration Room (2011). Although Kusama’s arts have no clear Asian tone, her authenticity has surpassed the need of the convention, and her dotted worlds are mesmerizing.

Shizuko Greenblatt

Greenblatt grew up with samurai upbringing. Her attitude toward traditional ways of art is strong, yet she embraces avant-garde ideas through her art. You can check her Sogetsu school ikebana style. It is the art of ikebana arrangement with materials other than flowers.

I Nyoman Masriadi

sothebyComing from Indonesia, South East Asia, Masriadi’s work once was sold for around 1 million USD at Sotheby’s Hong Kong. The political and social themes are prevalent to find in his art, and they have made him stand above the other South East Asian artists.

Masriadi often criticizes the authoritarian figure through his captivating visual art. His painting method exploits the light and shadow to make the painted figure appears more like a sculpture than a two-dimensional entity. The depicted narration is often comical and satirical to the popular political stand among Indonesian.




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