Organizing Prom Without Event Organizer

Most high school student bodies will opt for hiring an event organizer to prepare their prom to save the time and effort, but this can be costly. Organizing prom night without an event organizer is actually not as hard as it may seem. As long as the basic party planning details are sorted out, the perfect prom night can be executed without the help of an event organizer. Here are a few things you need to do first to make that happen.


Build a team

The student body usually deals with prom, but they also deal with other school events and affairs. It is best to make a specific team to organize the prom night, this way the team will be more focused and will work more efficiently. The team should have a leader, and then someone to deal with financing, consumption, location, and entertainment. There should also be someone to handle the students and how to publish it to them, and security during the event. Make sure that everyone on the team has their own specific tasks, and have weekly to daily meetings to discuss the progress.


The funding for prom is usually gained from bake sales or any fund raising event, or a large piggy bank put in the middle of the school for everyone to chip in. Based on these, you need to do research and develop a specific budget for the prom. This will determine what you can and can’t provide during the prom night, and what people will expect for prom.


In the movies, you’d see that a lot of proms or dances are held in the school’s gym. This is the most cost-efficient solution for prom night. However, a lot of students tend to want to get fancier and have prom at a hotel ballroom instead. They often like the idea of being able to get ready in the hotel and having a sleepover after prom. Hotel ballrooms can be costly, but it is a great place to have prom night. Make sure you do research on possible locations and the fees that their charge for events like prom.


A prom night is nothing without its entertainment. A DJ is almost a must since a prom usually involves dancing, both fun and slow romantic dancing. Other entertainments can be added, such as singing and dancing performances. To commemorate the night, there are usually photobooths available.