Christmas family holiday ideas

Christmas tradition unites family members. Relatives from abroad may come to visit, and nostalgic conversation will be all around the dining table. During such a precious time, why not planning more activities?

Winter sports


Skiing or snowboarding with family can be an unforgettable experience. Especially if there is a relative who can’t do the sport.
There are ski resorts that offer learning package, or maybe one expert of the sport within the family can teach the rest.

Buy the equipment together, or maybe if you are the one who initiates the idea, try to give the skiing equipment as a present. Then pick snowfields that are easy to handle for beginners. North America’s Snowmass can be an option. Or if you want to spend the Christmas holiday in Europe here are some good places: Avoriaz in France, Passo Tonale in Italy, or Myrkdalen in Norway.

Going to performances

There are operas, theaters, and musicals during Christmas, and visiting those shows may give a good family time. Kids can learn about art and culture, while the adults can attend to the spirit of Christmas or just enjoying the shows as entertainment. Or if you want to focus with the younglings, Disney World and Universal Resort are offering similar entertainment during Christmas.

Going to retreats


Christmas traffic may be discouraging. If you do not want to face jammed traffic or long queuing, and want to have peaceful family time, renting family lodge or cottage is the solution. This alternative also can be a good idea if all of your relatives live far away from each other. Choose a meeting point that is fair for everyone.

It can be better if the cottage can offer family activities, like preparing woods for the fireplace. Split the chores evenly and nurture the family bond by working together for the lodge. Also, cook the meals together.

Going to retreats can reduce stress and addiction on technology. Living in cities for years, and having to carry laptops or phones during weekdays, a moment spent in a lodge or cottage in the mountain can give you and your family a new life.

Vacation to the tropics

If you get bored with winter, you can plan a family trip to tropical countries. Central America or Asia can be an option. Caribbean islands can offer you sandy Christmas instead of the snowy one. Areas like Barbados or Puerto Rice are popular places for the holiday. In Asia spending Christmas holiday in the Philippines is the best idea. Christmas’ joy and spirit even start earlier there, from September!…

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