How to Build Your Escape Room Winning Team

Escape rooms are group games that require all the ingredients of excellent gamesmanship in order to succeed with the ultimate goal of breaking out by performing all tasks before the lapse of the regulatory time. A game of two to ten players, every member of the team should contribute his fair share to be able to hurdle all obstacles in your escape. Just like in any group game, you should work on the following areas to come up with the winning formula.

Group Dynamics

game planEvery group member is important. Each player has a role to play, and he should play it well. Interaction among all the players is crucial. Withholding relevant information you gained from your observations will not help your cause. You may not know it, but what you think as the least likely useful suggestion would turn out to be the best solution in the end.

Discussions should be free-flowing, and everyone should be heard. Nobody should come into the room as a self-appointed dictator.

Time Consciousness

All team members should be in the vicinity for at least 30 minutes before call time. This will help you to get acquainted with your group, and it will allow you to rest for a while.

With your team having to work to unravel all mysteries for a certain period of time, all your actions are time bound. Do not allow yourselves to get stuck in the middle of some puzzles. Ask the game master for clues when you need to. Do not spend much time discussing options. This is probably one of the few times where you are advised to talk a lot while your hands are busy.

Grace Under Pressure

Because this game involves mental acuity, staying focused on the task at hand is very critical. Do not allow pressure to creep in or you will get more confused. If it seems like you can never figure out any solution to the task you are doing, interchanging tasks with another might work. Asking for help will not make you a lesser group member. Do so, so you will be able to move to another level.

Respect for Rules

Team members should follow game rules, or the team may lose some precious time paying the consequences of not complying with some instructions. Keep an eye on labels which would require you not to touch some things in the room. Doing otherwise may lead you to scenarios that are not contributory to your cause. They will only give you more confusion.

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Game Objectives

While meeting with your teammates before your call time, setting your objectives is essential. Of course, coming out victorious over all the challenges is the primary goal but should not supersede all potential benefits that the game can bestow. The experience of working with a team, participating, and contributing to the fulfillment of your goal is far more important in the long run while not forgetting to have all the fun.…

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